Cherry Hills Town Homes Block Watch

Street View - 1102 West Peoria Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85029

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The information on this page is for resident's reference.  

City Services
Trash is picked up on Tuesday and Thursday, except when holidays modify this schedule.  Blue recycling containers are picked up on Tuesday, and regular houshold trash in the green containers is collected on Thursdays.  Please be sure not to block access to the barrels so that they can be safely collected by city solid waste services.

This schedule recently changed in October of 2022. Please call City of Phoenix Public Works at 602 262 7251 or e-mail PW Serve @ Phoenix . Gov for more information. (remove all spaces from the e-mail address) .

Parking space is tight in our community.  Each unit has a garage and driveway, and owners/residents are expected to use these spaces to park their personal vehicles.  

Our street is very narrow, so for safety reasons, there is NO PARKING along the curbs in front of the units at any time.  The one and only exception is for commercial service vehicles performing work in a unit.  It is expected that such work will be performed during regular business hours, so there is no reason for any vehicle to be parked in front of a unit into the evening or overnight.